You might be wondering what is the DSR. The DSR is a micronation that I created. It is comprised of 4 enclaves to the macronations of Spain and the UAE. We are a parliamentary republic founded on the 13th of October 2015. Despite being a young nation, we have accomplished quite a lot. We recently joined the League of Micronations as the 50th member. We are allways open for new alliances with other micronations.

Our population is quite small, we only have about 6 citizens but will soon grow to 7. We have quite an interesting political situation at the moment. The province of Emirabe-Dhabit has a neighbouring territory which might annex soon. Look out for that in our news section.

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Why the DSR?

Well, the DSR has a specific purpose. I haven't found another micronation that shares this purpose. The DSR, and to some extent the idea of a micronation itself has always challenged the preconcived notions about nations and other thing we encounter in our day to day life such as language in WeiKu, one of our official languages. We want to change people's perspective on everything. We want people to stop defining thing through a checklist based on stereotypes on how stuff should be. For example, many people think that for a country to a country it has to have an army to defend itself, but nations such as Iceland have no army because they simply don't need an army. Meanwhile, a lot of people complain about the DSR due to its population. Yet, it is only 23 people less than the Pitcairn Islands whose popultion is 50. Help us surpas this number by becoming a citizen today.

These are our provinces:

This our current population:

This is our government:


  1. Interior

  2. Exterior

  3. Books

  4. Archeology

  5. History

  6. International diplomacy

  7. Botanics

  8. Linguistics

  9. Neography

  10. Vexilology

  11. Culture

  12. Toki Pona & WeiKu

  13. Internet

  14. Territorial organization

  15. Embassy establishment and control

  16. Maps

  17. Oxygen

  18. National defense

  19. LGBT+

  20. animal protection & animal rights

  21. Sleeping and naps

  22. Weed

  23. Star Wars

  24. the letter P

  25. Memes

  26. Halloween

  27. Autumn

  28. Summer

  29. Winter

  30. Spring

  31. Seasons

  32. Time

  33. the letter Z

  34. the letter thorn

  35. Unused letters

  36. Shoes

  37. Marvel

  38. Nerds and Geeks

  39. Contradiccions

  40. Mythology

  41. Microbiology

  42. National publicity


Independence declaration

The DSR declared independence on the 14th November 2015. Yet the country was actually established on the 13th of October with the signing of the constitution. Back then, it was called IDUD: Independent Democratic Union of David. Within a few days after its foundation, the population increased to 3 people. The word 'Union' in the name was referring to the union between the provinces of Tivit and Pilos.

Annexation of Emirabe-Dhabit

On the 31st of May 2016, the micronation of Emirabe-Dhabit was stablished as a monarchy enclave of the UAE. Immediately after it's establishment, the micronation was annexed by the then called IDUD. Emirabe-Dhabit was the largest province of the DSR and the only one with its own constitution. The constitution of Emirabe-Dhabit, which has the same name stablished many of the differences in government and laws between this province and the rest of the country. For example: other provinces are ruled by the KaiJa of the province. Meanwhile, Emirabe-Dhabit is ruled by the Supreme Master.

DeSaGi Sei Era

On the 14th of April 2018. A document called UDID to DSR brought many changes to the nation. The first and most important of all was the name. On this date, IDUD (UDID in Spanish) became the DSR. This marked the beginning of the DeSaGi Sei period on which we still are. At this point, the DSR has twice as many citizens as the IDUD had in its first weeks. On the 21st of April of the same year, the DSR joined the League of Micronations. The GDP of the DSR soon skyrocketed to 20 €. It is expected to grow to 40 in the next few months.

Future possible events

No one knows what the future awaits for the Davidirtinian Selenite Republic. But many plans are being prepared. The province of Emirabe-Dhabit may increase its territory due to the peaceful annexation of a secluded territory which had been not claimed specifically due to some discussion on what to do with it. At the same time, this could become a fourth province, but this is very unlikely. A fourth province might be on its way though. Some people have introduced the idea of a cyber-province which would have no real territory. In a few months we are expecting to gain a coastline! This topic is still highly debated because it would be created on the national waters of a sovereign recognised state (Spain). The plans are in place but it is not yet known how this could happen considering the Spanish claim on the micro-island which is expected to have an area of a few square centimetres and may be completely submerged during high tide.

Contact us at: dsr.government@gmail.com